Religious experiences prove that god exists essay

Orthodox and neoorthodox theologians tend to object that the content of religious experience is too indeterminate to yield clear knowledge of the God of Christianity. If it is believe that the best conclusion that seems probable on the basis of the evidence that lies before us is created, then the conclusion may be influenced by personal belief or their interpretation.

Above him there was now nothing but the sky—the lofty sky, not clear yet still immeasurably lofty, with grey clouds gliding slowly across it. A weakness of Swinburne is that he assumes a lot and relies too much on faith. Again, sometimes an artist, or a school of artists, succeeds in progressively clarifying and intensifying an original vision or the expression of some distinctive emotion.

He observed that an omnibenevolent God would not perform such trivial miracles as those which are normally observed: Or does it merely form a very large weak argument. Obviously the structure and maybe the validity of an Argument to God from Religious Experience will vary enormously according to what epistemological type of experience is taken as the starting point, and in the literature this is often hard to discern.

Than if there was only one account of the experience, which could be shrugged off as a one-off. The close psychological relation between love of man and love Religious experiences prove that god exists essay God would thus have its skeptical sting removed.

This puts faith in the individual to be telling the truth; however in the world there are people who lie. God may elicit from us an effective response to his existence without making use of anything but our natural human equipment of senses, desires, emotions. God can be experienced; therefore He exists.

Kant turned to "inner" experience, to our awareness of the moral law, and argued that the moral life is intelligible only if we postulate God and immortality. But we have no such prior experience on which to base a belief in a god, making it less justified than our commonsense beliefs.

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Philosophy of Religion

But it is not, on that account, proved useless, for if it cannot demonstrate the existence of God unaided, it might still function as a necessary auxiliary of other arguments—for example, the Cosmological Argument.

The argument follows the basic premises: Although, a religious experience is beneficial to some people as proof that God exists, there are in fact numerous people who have been firmly raised with the view that logic and reason reign above all.

Turning to theistic types of experience, we can start from the very basic experience of wonderment, notably wonderment at there being any world at all. But the person who says he has direct and certain experience of God wishes to claim irrefutability and to affirm at the same time something momentous about what exists.

Many of those who do claim religious experiences and visions prepare themselves by food or sleep deprivation, isolation from human contact, the repetition of chants or prayer, and even the use of drugs, exactly the kinds of unusual and extreme physical experiences likely to result in hallucinations.

Arguments from Religious Experience are clearly not a priori, like the Ontological Argumentand whereas the Cosmological and Teleological arguments work from premises that affirm highly general facts about the world that it exists, that it is purposefully orderedArguments from Religious Experience rely on far more particularized and elusive premises than these.

Some scholars state certain biblical events can be proven to be false.

'Corporate religious experiences prove the existence of God' Discuss

I forgot everything, including time, as I sat there with those strange, beautiful creatures, surrounded by blue sky, sunshine, and sparkling sea. Feelings are often "feelings that …," surmises, and in that sense feelings involve judgment, have an essential component of belief. Nonetheless, depth psychology troubles and disturbs the Arguments from Religious Experience, and so do the very attempts to reconcile it with Christian belief.

It was believed that this was a result of the move of the Holy Spirit and tens of thousands of people still travel there today to participate.

It seems as though, in some cases that faith or belief will outweigh this non-existent evidence against the existence of God.

Our traffic with these consists in having actual experiences visual, tactual, etc.


And I partly agree that a religious experience is proof that God exists, but it may only be proof to a minority of people, whereas there are other methods in which people can proof the existence of God if they wish to, as I have mentioned above.

Even when appeal is made to the pattern of development toward theism, and thus to a far wider range of phenomena than in any argument from the experience of an individual, still the issue of objectivity—that we are coming to know God, not simply an idea of God—seems to hang upon the fallible, illusion-prone assurance of the subjects.

However, there is some conflict in the concept that there are differing interpretations from faith to faith. It is very common for techniques such as meditation to be used to be the presence of God in this special way.

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Feb 04,  · Religious Experience Essay. Posted in Uncategorized by kkitty that this must prove that He exists. For if you can experience something; it must surely exist. This can be seen as the underlying backbone of the argument for the existence of God from religious experiences.

It seems reasonable from the perspective of our. The question of whether a god exists is heating up in the 21st century.

According to a Pew survey, the percent of Americans having no religious affiliation reached 23 percent in Corporate Religious Experiences Prove The Existence Of God Essay “Corporate religious experiences prove the existence of God” Discuss. Corporate religious Existence of God The question as to the fact on whether or not God exists or ceases to exist has been one of the most debated.

Existence of God Essay.

Is it Possible to Prove the Existence of God?

There were no scientific studies done during the days of Jesus to prove that God exists, so where did the people in history get this idea of God from? Many philosophers Examine some of the key principles of the argument for the existence of God based upon religious experiences.

Religious experiences prove that god exists essay
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